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WWII Our Granddad’s POW Card

POW Card Granddad

Can anyone help out translating this?
We know our granddad worked at the Birma railroad and was at Nagasaki when it was hit by Fat Man but translation of his history, this card, would be very much appreciated.
Thanks guys and gals

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  1. Ten minutes have passed since I finished reading this post but I’m still kinda dumbstruck to be honest. Don’t know what to say and afraid I might ask the wrong questions.

    Hmm. . .you should contact the Japanese foreign embassy or a Japanese language school if you can. Better if someone explains it to you in-flesh.

    Anyway, just saying.

    Hmm. . .Wow! Thanks for sharing this and I hope you find someone helpful asap.



    • Hey Timid! Thanks for your thoughts and for reblogging. I know, it’s quite a story and got even worse. There’s no such thing as a wrong question about this story as far as I’m concerned (eh i guess). We have an appointment with a friend who’s professor here at Leiden University in the language and culture of Japan next tuesday. Thanks again. So good to meet you! Have a nice weekend! Capture some smashing pictures, I’m sure Mr Cartier Bresson and Mr Doisneau are watching you;) In fact my dear friend Eli Reed just returned from Mumbai, who knows maybe you’re able to pick up some of his magic dust on the streets;) Best regards, Felicia Sent from my iPhone


      • I’m glad that you found someone who’ll help you out with the translation. Cool!

        Friends with a Magum photographer? Nice 😉 Although Mr. Reed may have returned early coz he missed the Republic Day parade that happened here on Marine Drive after 30 years!

        But so did I. :/

        Anyway. . . Have a smashing Sunday and thanks for your kind words.



    • Hey there! Thanks for asking. He did not receive it at all. It is something you can check with a WWII archive after the person you’re checking upon has died. At least that’s what i thought. We did receive the translation some time ago but I did not translate it to Worpress yet:) I will try to do so tomorrow. Thanks again! Have a nice day

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